No Virtual Reality… Current Affairs Are Real

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Finding a True Sense of Reality

Reality:  The world or the state of things as they exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Wake up America!  Stop believing what you see on all these Reality TV Shows!  They’re not real; they’re all scripted.  HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD is just that HOLLYWOOD.

A Great article to read about “Sense of Reality”:  Studies in Ideas and their History – by ISAIAH BERLIN – Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

“When men, as occasionally happens, develop a distaste for the age in which they live, and love and admire some past period with such uncritical devotion that it is clear that, if they had their choice, they would wish to be alive then and not now — and when, as the next step, they seek to introduce into their lives certain of the habits and practices of the idealised[sic] past, and criticise[sic] the present for falling short of, or for degeneration from, this past — we tend to accuse them of nostalgic `escapism’, romantic antiquarianism, lack of realism; we dismiss their efforts as attempts to `turn the clock back’, to `ignore the forces of history’, or `fly in the face of the facts’, at best touching and childish and pathetic, at worst `retrograde’, or `obstructive’, or insanely `fanatical’, and, although doomed to failure in the end, capable of creating gratuitous obstacles to progress in the immediate present and future.”

How many times have you heard the words “Face the Reality?”

The fact is, we must face reality!   NO, it’s not so, just because we think it’s so!  FACTS are FACTS.

Here are Some Facts:

  1. Hillary Clinton Lost Her Bid to be President, she lost!
  2. Donald J. Trump Won and is the 45th President of the United States of America
  3. Obamacare is UNSUSTAINABLE and is a FAILED HEALTHCARE PROGRAM.  Look at the facts. It has failed.  (If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan – Not True! Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor – Not True!  Premiums Will Go Down – Not True!)
  4. We have Politicians running this country that has forgotten how to develop SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS.  Instead, they name call and avoid truths and facts!
  5. We have dysfunctional governing, at both the State and Federal levels.

Wake Up America before it’s too late!

Federal and State Government Official’s need to work together.  Our Government was set up to be of the people and for the people. NOT SPECIAL INTERESTS!

Laws and Policies that serve the people’s needs.  Finding common ground is possible.  If we don’t, we will continue in CHAOS and LAWLESSNESS, all of which turns to VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION… this hurts everyone, at every level.

Stop thinking your opinions are right and everyone else’s is wrong.  The constructive debate on the issues is good, but in the end, we must come together and agree to solutions that contribute to fixing things that are not working, that serves the best interest of our country.

The United States of America needs to become United!

Let’s all contribute to making America Great Again!

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