Is Perfect Discipline Worth Striving For?

Perfect Discipline

Perfect Discipline, Really? Is This Even Possible…

Here’s the long and short answer, NO! That’s why I used the word, striving.

George S. Patton said; “There is only one sort of discipline – PERFECT DISCIPLINE.”  Of course there was more in the quote, but it really isn’t important.  He’d made his point!

I’m going to be using the terms Perfect Discipline and Self-Discipline interchangeably.

Here are synonyms for “Self-Discipline“:  self-control; restraint, self-restraint, self-command; willpower, purposefulness, strong-mindedness, resolve, moral fiber; doggedness, persistence, determination, grit.

Can you be perfectly disciplined, I don’t believe you can.  However, I do believe you can develop higher levels of self-discipline throughout your life.  It should be everyone’s goal…  without it you generally aren’t very happy and you’ll struggle in achieving any form of success.  It’s a required ingredient for both.

Observe people you admire, in most cases you will find they all possess a high level of self discipline.  They exercise self discipline, they have developed self control.  They show a high level of willpower, and purposefulness.  These people we admire have resolve, moral fiber and here are my favorite characteristics; they are persistent, determined and have a ton of grit.  We look up to them because they have overcome their Natural Self!  THEY ARE IN CONTROL!

Start developing “Perfect Discipline” and put this “Self-Discipline” to work for you in your life.  If you want to stop a bad habit, lose weight, get into shape, be happier, be a better person, then incorporate more effort in attaining more discipline… George’s “Perfect Discipline”.

I’m always working on and I challenge you to do the same!

Respect to All

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