Fake News, Fact or Opinions – Finding the Real Truth

Fake News or Factual News

Reading or Listening to News & Events…

Use the Russian proverb (that strikes me a kinda funny, given the state of affairs)… “Trust, but Verify”

Our late President Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) was taught by Suzanne Massie, a Russian writer, the Russian Proverb; “Доверяй, но проверяй” {Doveryai, no proveryai} (trust, but verify). We All Need to “Trust but Verify” what we read or hear in the news…

When compared to the mid 1980’s things are quite different today.  Today most of us get our news via the the internet.  The latest world statistics show that over 47% (forty seven percent) of the world’s population uses it!

Top 15 Most Popular Political News Websites

source:  ebizmba.com

To the right is a chart of the Top 15 Most Popular Political News Websites | May 2017 |source: ebizmba.com

This means that people have instant access to everything that is being published or produced.  You are either getting it from one of the big three television networks ABC, CBS, or NBC (they all have websites as well), getting it from one the many cable networks (CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc.), or you accessing it all from one the other News and Opinion Websites… this list is almost endless!

Now, determining what is Factual, Fiction or Opinions is up to you.  Ultimately it’s your responsibility to filter (trust but verify) this information.

I have taught my kids to think for themselves and to speak freely.  It’s okay to have an opinion!  Hell, I have an opinion about most everything; at least the things that affect my life or things that I care about!  I tell them “Do not talk about something that you do not know anything about… it’s okay to say “I’m not sure”, or “I really haven’t read up on it” or “I Don’t Know.”  If you choose, you can always go find out for yourself, search the internet, formulate your opinion!!!  IT’S THAT EASY. EDUCATE YOURSELF!

“Knowledge itself is Power” Sir Francis Bacon

Same News, Different Opinions

Same News, Different Opinions

Our opinions are our own, they aren’t necessarily based on fact or knowledge, they are based on our point of view.   A person’s opinion generally is based on the information that they have exposed themselves to.   Hence, the Internet and all it’s streaming information… fact, fiction, or opinions.

If  you want to be responsible with our opinions then you need to FILTER THE FACTS FROM THE FICTION.

One thing to keep in mind, facts can and do change.   We should stay diligent in our search and be progressive enough to change our opinions if the facts warrant it.

Basing your opinion on THE FACTS should be the goal… The Truth is what we should all strive for!  Oh, and by the way, there really is such a thing.  I’m sure this sound passe to some, but it is TRUE and it is a proven FACT, the world is round!  The concept that the world was round (spherical) dates back to the 6th century BC (Greek philosophy).  Do you think this changed the conversation back in the day?

Anyway, use filters, educate yourself (trust but verify), then you can inject your thoughts into all these discussions everyone is having these days… or not.  Having the option is nice!!!!  Options are Good.

Fake, Fiction or Opinion News

In Summary:

Facts vs FictionIf we want to consider ourselves to being intelligent, then we must BE intelligent!  Stop being told what to think and what to believe.  Find out for yourself what the truth is… what are the facts!  We have the resources to do this for ourselves on the world wide web; the information highway; “THE INTERNET!”  Use it for something other than picking up emails or social media connections…

Here is a great article about how to check information out for yourself:  http://www.npr.org/sections/alltechconsidered/2016/12/05/503581220/fake-or-real-how-to-self-check-the-news-and-get-the-facts

Remember:  “Knowledge itself is Power” and most importantly “Trust but Verify

Truth Does Set You Free…

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